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pixtrend exports cultural contents
to foreign contries

pixtrend exports cultural contents including Korean animation (drama, movies, characters, music, games, publishing) to foreign countries,
and distributes and licenses Korean animation contents in Korea.
And we also distribute overseas animation and character licensing rights to Korea.
Our network is ever expanding and we maintain a high profile at outstanding international markets every year such as
MIPTV, MIPCOM, LIMA, Kidscreen Summit, HK Filmart and BCWW, DICON as well.




  • GenreComic Action Fantasy
  • FormatFull 3D Animation TV - Series
  • Length22 minutes × 26 Episodes
  • TargetAge 5~7 Children
  • Production companyENEM
  • production_period-
  • Broadcast-


As the Serpent, the notorious villain of the universe, breaks out of the space prison,

the emergency bell rings in the space police headquarter and the Master King, the space police commander-in-chief, urgently calls out Space Cops 67.

However, Space Cops67, who have lost solider spirit due to the lengthy period of peace on the Earth, were wasting time by taking a nap and quarreling and did nothing to stop the sneaky infiltration of Serpent into the Earth.

The Master King was seized with rage and urgently dispatched the Space Cops67, who failed in the security mission, to the Earth.

The Serpent who infiltrated into the Earth brings the Earth into Chaos using the Jumper Saps who worship him.

The Serpent brings the Devil Monster(Sap) back to life and throw the Earth into confusion.

The Coalition Government of the Earth announces emergency order.

The Psychic Army Corps try to defeat the Serpent corps, but humans are no match for the powerful Serpent corps. 

Dinosaur card collection is the only hobby of Kai, a boy not interested in sports or study.

He has more extensive knowledge of dinosaur than anyone due to his unmatched affection and enthusiasm for dinosaurs.

One day, animal bones presumed to be dinosaur fossils were found in his neighborhood.

Unable to suppress curiosity, Kai, goes straight to the fossil discovery site without hesitation.

There, he comes across the 5 extraterrestrials in mysterious appearance.

The 5 extraterrestrials were the Space Cops, the space police, and were looking for the bones of the counterparts who would bring their counterparts(Space Guardians) back to life.

That was the first encounter of the Space Cops and Kai. Kai become a friend of the Space Cops, the space police, and help them.

Members of Space Cops 67 who enjoyed peaceful time are taking up the challenge.

Now, these Space Cops and Kai, a boy from the Earth, are fighting the battle with Serpent Corps to save the humanity.